Morning Manna – September 2, 2022

Free Your Mind

Justification takes place in the mind of God and not in the nervous system of the believer – C.I. Scofield 

Simply put, we don’t need to worry or stress over whether we’re enough—doing enough good works or have enough faith. The truth is, our righteousness [self-righteousness, that is] is as filthy rags before the Lord. (Isaiah 64:6). 

Devotional writer Chris Tiegreen, encourages believers “don’t look within at the quality of your faith, and don’t look at the abundance of your works. Look at Jesus.”

Remember, it is God who justifies us. So, relax and release yourself (and others) from the burden of your expectations. Look to Jesus only as the author and finisher of your faith, and free your mind!!

Love You All to Life! 

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